In The Tradition of The "Master Builder" - Historically, the construction industry grew up with construction projects under the hands-on control of "master builder" who took responsibility for producing the finished product properly, professionally, and permanently. The master builder was the most knowledgeable individual about virtually all of the trades in the construction industry. The master builder conceived, designed, and supervised the construction. Today’s architect evolved from yesterday’s master builder. The Connell Group believes that construction is best served when the designer maintains an intimate relationship with the on-going construction activities, bringing the hands-on tradition of the master builder to the construction project.
A Team Approach - Designers and builders working together to bring a constructed work into being, form a natural system of "checks and balances," a redundancy, one professional backing up another, that only serves to enhance the quality of a constructed work. This redundant system helps to minimize the potential for details that sometimes "fall through the cracks," that sometimes result in problems in the completed work. The Connell Group encourages this “team approach” wherever possible in its construction endeavors.
Construction Contract Administration - Owners of construction projects enter into agreements with business people whose daily life is the business of construction—an extremely competitive business. To the uninitiated, the process may appear to be fairly straight-forward, deciding what needs to be done, finding someone to do it, agreeing on a price, and then getting it done. In reality, there are many hazards, such as cost overruns, unforeseen work, unsatisfactory quality, hidden defects, delays in completion, failure to complete, liens, and liability, to name only a few. In today's world, construction is never as simple as it appears on the surface.

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